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Title Team

Stacey Wagner

Title Manager, Title Leap Developer
[email protected]

561.838.9595, Ext. 117

David Velez

Chief Technology Officer, Tech Support, Title Leap, Title Closer
[email protected]

561.838.9595, Ext. 123

Taujahe Williamson

Title Closer
[email protected]

561.838.9595, Ext. 124

Eleni Petrohilos

Title Closer
[email protected]

561.838.9595, Ext. 110

Loreen Russo

Title Processor
[email protected]

561.838.9595, Ext. 115

Kendra Black

Title Processor
[email protected]

561.838.9595, Ext. 113



Providing you with the best service possible

What makes us unique as a title company is that we are partnered with an experienced law firm and tech developer. New Path Title shares a roof with Title Leap and James Brown Law allowing our team to cross-collaborate and bring you services that are transparent and more efficient.

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